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Upcoming Summits:

GeoDev Summit

  March 4, 2019 

The GeoDev Summit is a FREE one-day event for current and future GIS developers. The even will take place at Harrisburg University in downtown Harrisburg, PA. There will be hands-on technical sessions on web GIS development, desktop GIS development, and other topics relevant to all developers.

OneHR Conference

  March 5, 2019 

This one-day conference will feature industry leaders discussing the latest trends, topics, resources and tools for human resources professionals in both the commonwealth and private sector. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned HR pro, HRCon has something for you.

Agile Lean Summit

 March 7, 2019

Agile and Lean values and principles are shaping the thinking of most organizations today. Scaling Agile for the Enterprise is a challenge that many large organizations face as they implement Agile Teams across more and more of their operations. Coordinating multiple Teams that are working on multiple projects can seem daunting. Our 4th annual Agile Lean Summit 2019 will focus on “Taking Agile and Lean to the Enterprise”.

AI/ML in Healthcare Summit

 April 8, 2019

The Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare Summit will take place at HU Philadelphia. This conference will explore AI and ML applications, methodologies, techniques, and privacy issues associated with the healthcare industry. Leading speakers from industry, academia, government, and not-for-profits will be featured for this important topic.

Cancer Summit

 April 10-11, 2019

This summit will explore new initiatives to target cancer prevention, treatment and screening.

Data Analytics Summit

  Spring 2019 

A focus and date will be announced for the annual Data Analytics Summit soon! Coming Spring 2019!

Past Summits:

Cybersecurity Awareness Summit

  October 16, 2018 

Leaders and program managers are on the front lines of safeguarding sensitive data entrusted to them. This summit provided leaders and their teams with the knowledge and awareness of security risks around sensitive date and systems and discussed steps that could be taken to mitigate the risks. This summit was brought to you by the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania.

Healthcare Analytics Summit

  December 8, 2017 

The Healthcare Analytics Summit was the fourth data analytics summit, this time with a focus on healthcare informatics and advanced analytics in order to meet the demands of the health industry as it transforms to value-based care. Participants learned about operationalizing routine care, integrating health status and predicted health needs through technological advancements, and improving care coordination via language processing and computer interpretation.


 Sept. 21-22 & Oct. 20, 2018

Code4PA is a codeathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun among PA’s network of technical talent. Through a series of collaborative events, teams utilize state and local data to generate ideas, designs, prototypes and/or apps to increase transparency and efficiency for public engagement with the government. In 2018, the theme was to help Pennsylvania turn data into insights for the Opioid Epidemic.

Smart Cities Summit

 April 18, 2017

Across the US and around the world successes have been accomplished in the areas of Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smarter Planet, Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation, and more. Summit attendees gained an understanding of what has been accomplished, where it has been accomplished, and the challenges and considerations for implementing similar successes. There will also be focus on using knowledge to detect problems, make adjustments and learn.

Other Events:

PA TechCon

 May 1, 2019

PA TechCon brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and hundreds of Commonwealth employees for a day of idea sharing.