Day 1: April 10 


Session or Activity 

Invited Speakers 

11:30 – 12:30 

Networking and Registration 


12:30 – 1:00 

Conference Welcome 


Peg O’Grady, CAB 

Eric Darr, HU 

Dr. Levine, SOH 

1:00 – 1:30 

Goals for PA 

Sharon Sowers, DOH 

1:30 – 2:30 

Plenary Session: Health Economics 

Lindsay Sabik, PhD 
Access to Cancer Screening and Treatment in a Changing Health Policy Landscape 

2:30 – 2:45 



2:45 – 3:45 

Plenary Session: Behavioral Interventions 

Frank Leone, MD, MS 

3:45 – 4:30  




Day 2: April 11 


Session or Activity 

Invited Speakers 

7:30 – 8:00  

Breakfast and Networking  


8:00 – 8:15 

2nd Day Welcome 


8:15 – 9:00 

Pennsylvania’s Public Approach to Cancer Genetics 

Genomics/ Genetics Committee  

9:00 – 9:10 

Daily Logistics 


9:10 – 9:30  



9:30 – 11:00 

Panel Presentations 



Kevin Alvarnaz 

Addressing Obesity  


William Calo, PhD, JD, MPH 

Addressing Health disparities in the Hispanic population   


William Brodhead 

Radon Mitigation for Lung Cancer Prevention  


Lyn B. Robertson, DrPH, MSN, BSN  

HPV Vaccination  

Rena Kass, MD, FACS 
Breast Cancer Screening in 2019: Not all Breasts are Created Equal 


Carmen E. Guerra, MD, MSCE, FACP 

Patient Navigation to Colorectal Cancer Screening 


Troy Moritz, DO, FACOS  

Lung Cancer Screening 


R. Scott Owens, MD 

Having the Conversation about Prostate Cancer Screening 

Heather Albertson, RN, BSN, CCRP  

Improving Access to Clinical Trials 


Jessica Bauman, MD 

Facing a New Diagnosis of Lung Cancer and Treatment Options 


Savitri Skandan, MD 

Personalized Medicine in Treatment of Cancer 


Kathleen Sevedge, RN, MA, AOCN 

Multidisciplinary Care in the Treatment of Cancer 

Amy Jacobs  

LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA Cancer Survivor Program 


Kristina Newport, MD FAAHPM   

Palliative Oncology Standards: How to Measure Up 


Eric M. Horwitz, M.D., FABS, FASTRO 

Practicing Palliative Care  


Gary ZimmermanCancer Survivor 

A Survivor’s Lessons Learned – some the hard way 

11:00 – 11:15 



11:15 – 12:15  

Keynote Session: Patient Navigation 

Dr. Harold Freeman 

12:15 – 1:15 



1:15 – 2:45 

Panel Presentations 



Nate Burden, Jr.  
Community-supported Radon Measurement and Mitigation  


Jennifer L. Moss, PhD 

Rural/urban differences in cancer prevention and screening: Implications for Pennsylvania and beyond 


Theodore K. Kyle, RPh, MBA 

Cancer and Obesity: The Challenge of Prevention and Treatment 


Betsy Aumiller, Ded, Med 

Breast Cancer Screening 


Marianne T. Ritchie, MD   

Colorectal Cancer Screening  


Ronald Myers, PhD 

Lung Cancer Screening  


Serge Ginzburg, MD, FACS 

Physician-Led Quality Improvement Collaborative: The Power of Insight 

Christopher Peters, MD 

Practicing Palliative Care 


Randall A. Oyer, MD 

Survivorship Care that focuses on individualized needs assessment that informs surveillance and recovery strategies 


Kathy J Selvaggi MS MD FAAHPM 

Integrating Palliative Care with Community Oncology 


Sharon Cowden, MD 

Keep on Moving—the importance of exercise in prevention and reduction of recurrence of breast cancer 

2:45 – 3:00 



3:00 – 3:30 

How to Get Involved 

Conference Closure 

Peg O’Grady, CAB