An Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop Python Scripting for Non-Programmers

Geoprocessing and mapping tasks in ArcGIS Desktop can become redundant, complicated, time consuming and error prone. The Python programming language can provide a means to introduce new functionality, streamline execution of geoprocessing and map production, save time and avoid errors while persistently preserving processing instructions. ArcGIS geoprocessing functions such as making feature layers, feature classes and programming concepts such as conditional statements, flow statements and exception handling will be introduced. ModelBuilder or ArcGIS Help will be navigated to discover functions and syntax. Entry level Python scripts will be navigated using the IDLE environment and debugger to capture execution steps. Attendees will be able to follow and experiment using provided scripts and an ArcGIS Desktop installation with Python and IDLE.

A current version (i.e., 10.4 or greater) of ArcGIS Desktop with its included Python and IDLE installation will be needed if an attendee would like to experiment.

Beginner Track