Creating ESRI WebAppBuilder Widgets with React, ES6 Modules, and Webpack

React is a fast, modular, and modern Javascript framework developed by Facebook and used in a wide variety of popular Web Applications. ESRI’s WebAppBuilder and Javascript API use the aging Dojo toolkit with Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) loading, which many modern Javascript modules do not support. This can prevent your maps from using many new and useful features and libraries, as well as re-using React components that you have previously created.

During this presentation, attendees will learn how to create Javascript Widgets for WAB using the React framework, and how to bundle any dependency needed for the widget (yes, even non-AMD modules!) using Webpack. Together, we will build a simple WebAppBuilder map widget that can be deployed to an ArcGIS Web Map.

Laptop w/ Node 8.9.0 and Yarn 1.3.2, and code editor of choice. Attendees should have at least beginner-level knowledge regarding the ReactJS framework (including JSX) and ESRI WebAppBuilder and beginner to intermediate knowledge of Javascript development.

Intermediate Track