Tour de Spatial – Take a Tour Through the Current GIS Development Landscape While Building a Real-World Application

The session will consist of a tour through various GIS solutions – exposing users to a wide range of spatial technologies, frameworks, and services. We will build a real-world full stack GIS application (client and server) and explore different software and techniques to accomplish GIS-centric tasks.

The purpose of this session is to gain a broad understanding of the capabilities of GIS development while exploring the current GIS-technology landscape. We will build a real-world GIS application and compare/contrast various GIS solutions along the way. The session will touch on various JavaScript frameworks, mapping servers, and python solutions – both open source as well as proprietary (Esri software).

The course will start off with a tour of GIS technologies, a demonstration of their use, followed by a hands-on activity to build a map-based web application (built on top of the previous demonstration).

Some technologies that will be used or demonstrated in the session include:


* ArcGIS

* Docker

* Python

* Mapping JavaScript APIs

* HTML/JavaScript/CSS

Minimum requirements will be a browser with access to the internet. Attendees should have a basic understanding of fundamental web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. More advanced users can extend the hands-on portion of the class if they are running Docker on their development machines – they will be able to follow along during the tour of GIS technologies.

Intermediate Track