Carrie Tropasso

Director of GIS, CoPA-Conservation and Environment Delivery Center

Carrie Tropasso is the Director of GIS for the Conservation and Environment Delivery Center. Her primary roles within the delivery center are managing the Delivery Center’s overall GIS efforts, which includes the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture. Some of her other duties include ArcGIS Online and Portal administration, story maps, collector apps and Survey 123 apps, map service and web mapping/mobile application development, enterprise Geodatabase administration, and server administration. In addition, she sits on the Data Task Force for the PA Spatial GeoBoard. She has over 18 years of GIS experience both in the public and private sectors working on and managing projects of varying size and content all across the state, and she has a Master’s degree in GIS from Penn State University.

What is FOSS and How Do I Use It?

No, it’s not what you use to clean your teeth. This course will focus on using Free and Open Software Solutions (FOSS) to create a web mapping application using GeoServer, WMS, TileMill and Leaflet. In addition, techniques will be discussed on how to change styling of WMS layers using SLD. All of these techniques use […]

Advanced Track

Developing for Non-Developers: Customizing ArcGIS Online Story Maps and Web App Templates

Ever wonder how to get a custom app, an interactive chart, or some other unique element embedded in an ESRI story map or web app template? This session will focus on taking existing story map and other ArcGIS Online application templates, and applying simple customizations that anyone – even non-developers – can do to create […]

Beginner Track