Christopher Eby

Application Developer, GeoDecisions

I have about 10 years of software development experience focused on web development and modern Javascript frameworks. I’ve been working in the Harrisburg area since 2011, first at Deloitte Consulting and later at GeoDecisions. I’ve found GIS fascinating since college where I did research on how to use AI to improve geocoding in rural areas and I enjoy building GIS based applications at GeoDecisions.

ArcGIS Javascript 4: Advanced Topics

For web developers who want to get up to speed on the latest version of ArcGIS for JavaScript, this course will cover: – ArcGIS API for JavaScript v4 vs v3 – 3D scenes: Hands on example – Integrating the JS API into JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React – Lessons learned while building an app […]

Advanced Track

An Introduction to ArcGIS API for Javascript 4

ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, and the like are excellent ways to build web interfaces to your ESRI maps but they only get you so far. For the ultimate level of web map flexibility and customization you will need to use the ArcGIS API for Javascript. This course will walk users through creating a […]

Beginner Track