Michael Mattaini

GIS Developer II, EBA Engineering, Inc.

Michael Mattaini is a Full-Stack GIS Developer who has worked in the GIS and Civil Engineering Industries since 2014 at EBA Engineering, Inc (previously GeographIT). He studied Marine & Freshwater Ecology, Wildlife & Conservation, and Environmental Science at Gettysburg College. He has a passion for software development, geography, automation, and data. He works extensively with both Desktop and Web GIS for the ArcGIS stack and open-source platforms. Michael enjoys making and listening to music, good wine, rock climbing, ice hockey, and games of all kinds, and thinks that tabs are better than spaces.

Creating ESRI WebAppBuilder Widgets with React, ES6 Modules, and Webpack

React is a fast, modular, and modern Javascript framework developed by Facebook and used in a wide variety of popular Web Applications. ESRI’s WebAppBuilder and Javascript API use the aging Dojo toolkit with Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) loading, which many modern Javascript modules do not support. This can prevent your maps from using many new […]

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