Richard Quodomine

Lead GIS Analyst, City of Philadelphia

Richard D. Quodomine, MA, AAG, FRCGS, is the Lead GIS Analyst is the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Property. Prior to his move to Philadelphia in April of 2017 to take up this new position, he enjoyed a lengthy career with New York State Government as an analyst. At the City, he administrates the Master Facilities Geodatabase, IWAMS – the Asset Management System for the City, and the GIS efforts for the city’s Public Safety Facilities Master Plan.

Building a Public Safety Services Investment Tool

“Choosing how to allocate not just building dollars, but where and how to locate programs and capital assets across multiple locations. Using geographic principles such as multivariate and hotspot analyses, the City of Philadelphia and Geodecisions, Inc. have created a tool that helps better define where to place investment in municipal public safety services and […]

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