Rusty Green

Chief Technology Officer, Transcend Spatial Solutions

Rusty Green is the Chief Technology Officer for a GIS consulting company, called Transcend Spatial Solutions. He has a diverse background in the areas of Architecture, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and software development. Rusty has been working in the GIS industry for over a decade, and along the way, has had the opportunity to learn and use a wide range of GIS technologies.

Tour de Spatial – Take a Tour Through the Current GIS Development Landscape While Building a Real-World Application

The session will consist of a tour through various GIS solutions – exposing users to a wide range of spatial technologies, frameworks, and services. We will build a real-world full stack GIS application (client and server) and explore different software and techniques to accomplish GIS-centric tasks. The purpose of this session is to gain a […]

Intermediate Track