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Track 1: Today’s Workplace Issues | Room: 1151
Jay Gasdaska, Director, Office of Employee Relations and Workforce Support, Office of Administration
Jane Baldo, Appeals Manager, Bureau of Employee Relations, Office of Administration

Whether it be involvement in one’s community or activity on social media platforms, everyone at some point has had to consider the potential impact of external activities on one’s commonwealth employment, whether their own or someone else’s. This session will discuss various extracurricular actions in which individuals engage that could affect their commonwealth employment and how a public sector employee’s First Amendment rights differ from their counterparts in the private sector.
In his role as the Director of the Office of Employee Relations and Workforce Support in the Office of Administration, Jay Gasdaska is responsible for overseeing the commonwealth’s labor relations, equal employment opportunity, employee benefits and workforce support programs. Prior to accepting this role in 2017, Jay served as the Director of the Bureau of Employee Relations for almost ten years. As part of its mission, the Bureau negotiates the terms and conditions of employment with the twenty unions that represent over 60,000 commonwealth employees. Through its administration of these collective bargaining agreements/memoranda, the bureau provides guidance and training to agency supervisory and management staff, investigates and responds to employee grievances, represents the commonwealth at arbitration hearings and advises agencies on implementing office/facility reorganizations, closures, subcontracting and other administration initiatives. Since earning his Master’s Degree in Industrial & Labor Relations from IUP in 1989, Jay has acquired almost thirty years of labor relations experience with the commonwealth both at the agency and enterprise levels, having worked as a Labor Relations Specialist with the Department of Public Welfare and as the Labor Relations Coordinator for the Governor’s Executive Offices Human Resources Office while serving as their Human Resource Director in addition to assuming an enterprise role during his two stints with the Bureau of Labor Relations (from 1997-2004 and 2008-2017).
Jane was recently appointed as the Appeals Manager in the Bureau of Employee Relations, Office of Administration. In this role, she oversees the operation of both the Accelerated and Standard Grievance Procedures. Prior to accepting this position in November of 2018, Jane worked in the Labor Relations Division for the Employment, Banking and Revenue (EBR) Delivery Center. Preceding the EBR Delivery Center, Jane was the Labor Relations Coordinator for the Department of Revenue and the Department of Banking and Securities. She has over nineteen years of labor relations experience and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Penn State University.