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Track 4: The Future of HR | Room: 1151
Jennifer Dowd, Senior Manager, Public Sector Marketing, Kronos

Gen Xer’s are the last generation to remember life without technology. As the generational shift in the workforce continues to grow, moving to a modern human capital management strategy is not just a wish, it’s essential for survival. It’s unrealistic to think you can attract a younger, tech-savvy workforce when your processes are still done on paper and spreadsheets. Better workforce management allows organizations to get creative in how they recruit and retain talent, so it attracts and keeps the younger, tech-savvy workforce needed to survive. It also means greater visibility into labor for making data-driven decisions. In this session we’ll explore the importance of employee engagement, the benefits of automation, and how to adapt to the future of work.

Jennifer (Jen) Dowd is the Public Sector Marketing Director at Kronos. With over 15 years of working with both the Government and Education markets, she has studied the role this workforce plays in our everyday lives and the impact human capital management has on creating efficiencies and engaging employees.