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Track 4: The Future of HR | Room: Auditorium/1454
Jon Lemon, Strategic Solutions Specialist, SAS

As the “Silver Tsunami” begins to hit the government workforce, in depth analysis is essential to managing the dynamic changes ahead. Government agencies have vast amounts of untapped data that can be used to glean countless insights into the behaviors and innerworkings of the workforce. Learn where these data sources are, how they can be accessed, and how analytics can be applied to:

  • Predict when and where attrition will occur
  • Analyze the impact various incentives (awards, training, etc.) have on the workforce
  • Enhance analysis with unstructured data (exit surveys, performance reviews)
  • Optimize resources based on budget, union, and other types of constraints

Hear real world examples of how these analytics are being applied throughout the government and the impacts they are having. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions on topics affecting and most concerning to their agency.

Upon joining SAS in August of 2007, Jon’s primary focus has been working with Federal, State, and Local government customers to understand organizational effectiveness and their performance against stated objectives. He leverages his past experience to help customers implement industry leading performance management, workforce analytics, costing, and fraud prevention solutions through the integration of technology, processes, people, and methodologies. Prior to joining SAS, Mr. Lemon was a Budget Director during and beyond the Tom Ridge years at the Department of Homeland Security where he formulated, executed, and managed over $5 billion of appropriated funds annually. Jon also worked with Booz Allen Hamilton where he honed his skills in performance management and fraud detection and prevention while supporting various Chief Financial and Program Management Offices throughout multiple federal civilian and defense agencies. He earned his MBA degree from the Florida Institute of Technology and holds a Finance Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.