Track 2: Agile Lean Development | Room: 1205
John Roy, Managing Consultant, KPMG

The aggressive pace of change in technology is relentless and accelerating. Customers rarely have lower expectations and they are more technically fluent than ever. These days, “disruption,” “digital.” and “transformation” are etched into our business vocabularies as a reflection on the state of change—putting pressure on both technology executives business leaders to deliver differentiated solutions at speed while preserving customer trust and meeting regulatory requirements. A full array of technology capabilities has to be readily available to keep pace and take advantage of new opportunities. Ideation, funding, development and delivery has to be iterative, fast, reliable, and continuously improving. And it has to work seamlessly and securely across the entire enterprise. This holistic model is necessary because buyers are different than they were 5 to 10 years ago. But most corporate technology can’t keep up—anchored to monolithic systems, employing a slower waterfall approach backed by long-lead annual financial planning processes and siloed organizational functions. Bringing the focus to the customer requires far more collaborative and agile methodology. In order to accomplish a successful new model, a scaled agile framework must be established and the operating model must shift left.
Mr. Roy has over 20 years of experience in the Agile software development practices and related technology management. He has led large-scale programs in both the public sector and commercial sector. He has developed Agile practitioners handbooks, as well as overarching governance programs for several Fortune 500 organizations. While on the industry side, he led Agile teams, Agile PMOs and Agile Advisory Boards for large Financial Services firms; and as a Consultant, he has led multi-year, multi-million dollar transformation programs leveraging Agile methods. Today, he is the service owner for KPMG’s Modern Delivery service offering, providing assistance to clients in the areas of Agile Transformations, Governance Programs, DevOps toolchains, Cloud Migration, and Risk & Control Strategies.