Track 1: Agile in Action | Room: 1258
Mitch Goldstein, Senior Agile Coach, Accenture | SolutionsIQ

What does the future hold for distributed teams? As more companies embrace the appeal of ‘no office’ as well as the lure of reduced technical labor costs, how will this affect the ability to deliver value? Can new collaborative tools and nearly limitless bandwidth and storage make products easier or harder to produce with high quality? Can you envision the team of the future? Can you imagine a time where organizations focus solely on assembling the right mix of talent from anywhere in the world – and even consider physical co-location to be quaint and unnecessary? The success of distributed agile teams relies heavily on ability to maintain a cooperative atmosphere in an environment where members are widely dispersed both geographically and temporally. Managing a backlog is difficult enough with a co-located team – introducing time zones, geographic location, cultural mismatches and language barriers can contribute quickly to manifestation of organizational anti-patterns. Thoughtful and forward-thinking practices can minimize avoidable failures and maintain member enthusiasm. Mitch will offer real-world insight and experience to share ideas and strategies the people who will make up the teams of the future. We will discuss maintaining and enhancing agile and lean foundational principles by the use of the latest distributed technologies. The talk intends to persuade attendees that agile and lean principles apply at all levels of scale, from small scrum and Kanban teams to large-scale organizations with sophisticated DevOps practices, and that these practices will ensure continued innovation and adaptability to global value streams.
An Agile Program and Technical Coach with SolutionsIQ/Accenture. Mitch Goldstein has more than thirty years of experience in the software development industry, working with Agile principles and teams since they came into common use. A pioneer of object-oriented development, enterprise platforming, and Java user interface development, he has spent years honing his craft as a consultant for investment, accounting, insurance, and healthcare organizations. A published author and technical journalist, Mitch has transitioned from architecture and development to being a seasoned Agile coach, focused on creating high-performance teams and transitioning enterprise organizations to the Scaled Agile Framework. Mitch lives just east of Pittsburgh, where he and the city have happily adopted each other.