Endnote | Room: 1151
Jesse Fewell, Agile Author, Speaker, and Coach, Fewell Innovation, Inc.

One of the stereotypes for Agile approaches is that they only work for small projects. However, over the last several years, Agile techniques are being applied to increasingly larger and more complex environments. From the largest telecom in Europe to the largest chip-maker in the world, large organizations are changing the way they do work. But how is this possible? How does self-organization work for a thousand people? How do programs run without plans? How can a massive solution go to market in a matter of weeks? In this illuminating session, we will explore both a common, repeatable approach and case studies from the real world. Come learn both recent trends and actionable tips for growing out of small Agile to big Agile.
Jesse Fewell is an author, coach, and trainer who helps senior leaders from from Boston to Bangalore transform their teams and organizations.

As a project management pioneer, he founded the original PMI Agile Community of Practice, co-created the PMI-ACP® agile certification, and co-authored the Agile Practice Guide®.

A global entrepreneur and the founder of VirtuallyAgile.com, he has distilled his experiences in the handbook “Can You Hear Me Now: Working with Global, Distributed, Virtual Teams”.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, he is a double-certified leadership coach and an accredited instructor with four distinct agile certification bodies.