Track 2: Agile Lean Development | Room: 1205
Myles Miller, CEO & Founder, LeadUP

Lean Agile is becoming more of a norm for deployment throughout multiple industries within various disciplines and departments. It can be challenging to do and often will meet with some resistance to the approach and this new methodology. This session is designed to review what key steps are needed to ensure lean agile deployment is done well and is accomplished with great success over and over again. Together we explore key steps in Lean deployment that will include the following: Keep Communication channels open, Make sure everyone has input and feedback for the process, Always Reward, Encourage and Celebrate, Create metrics and system whereby processes can be monitored and streamlined, Stick to the Basics and always K.I.S.S., Maintain positivity and persistence, Apply a disciplined practice and remember the journey will continue and not end with each engagement. We will explore these steps and the best way to implement them to ensure that any Agile Lean Deployment will go well and be able to be repeated over and over. This will create streamlined processes and procedures and outgoing project success. Attendees will leave with a broad spectrum of applicable techniques and skills the can use to make their own Agile Lean Deployment work well every time.
Multi-national, multi-million dollar company CEO, recognized as a top 360 US Entrepreneur 2018 (#57), two-time Best Selling Author and Radio Host of “Myles of SUCCESS”, Myles Miller is the CEO and Founder of LEADUP, LearningBreaks and SUCCESSHQ, international training and success development companies spanning 6 continents and employing 500 plus contractors operating in over 100 countries around the globe. Myles has over 30 years’ experience in the project management field, across multiple industries including retail, defense, state and federal government, international countries and hospitality. During his varied career, he has led projects and programs impacting the United States and countries abroad ranging in budgetary size from $100K to $500B and leading teams of over 10,000 members. Myles has a BS in Business Management from Penn State University and a MBA from La Salle University in International Business Management and recently acquired his PhD from Baylor University.