Track 3: Agile Lean in Government | Room: 1151
Brian Stonesifer, Director of Client Solutions, Acclaim Systems

A common problem for project teams implementing Scrum is how to handle production support and maintenance requests. For most teams, developers and analyst support upcoming releases as well as production support requests (incidents). How do you plan a time-boxed sprint when your customer cannot plan 2 weeks out in advance; and your team is consumed with urgent requests or production issues routinely? The answer is ScrumBan! ScrumBan (Scrum + KanBan) is an innovative, hybrid framework, which leverages the ceremonies and artifacts of Scrum with the flexibility of KanBan. It provides several operational advantages including a core focus on process improvement and quality, reduced waste with continuous flow of work assigned just-in-time, flexibility to support urgent incidents, and incremental review of changes through system demos. Please join me in exploring my story of how I discovered ScrumBan and the project it helped save! We will cover a real project case study for a government client where sprint planning became nearly impossible. The projects urgent requests caused constant sprint re-planning, poor velocity and inefficient use of team capacity. We will discuss how the team worked with the Product Owner to identify a hybrid agile approach known as ScrumBan.
Brian Stonesifer is currently Director of Client Solutions at Acclaim Systems where he builds, leads and operates project management for IT. Brian has implemented Scrum principles and served as the ScrumMaster for successful projects delivered for hot-button issues including Pre-Existing Conditions, Affordable Care Act and Opioid Crisis. Brian earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). In addition to his agile certification, he holds certifications in AWS Cloud Practitioner, Project Management (PMP), ITIL Foundations v3 and ITIL Service Transition v3.