Track 2: Agile Lean Development | Room: 1205
Jennifer Honermann, Director, Agility Enablement, Capital One

Have you been searching for “the answer” of what metrics will illuminate the agility of your organization? Have you attended conferences and meet ups promising you the answer, only to walk away feeling unsatisfied? Me too! In this session, I will share my experience leading Capital One’s Credit Card organization through this journey after several failed implementations. You’ll get to hear what we tried, what we learned from previous failed attempts, and ultimately how we came to the realization that the “right” answer for us is really a reflection of our culture and values. I presented this at Agile Philly’s World Tour in 2018, and can provide a link to those materials if helpful with future consideration.
Jennifer is a change agent passionate about helping organizations get things done and evolve while doing it. She has a demonstrated ability to define strategy, coach, influence, and deliver large cross-functional initiatives across multiple geographical locations. Jennifer is experienced in practical application of Agile and Lean practices, principles and values, as well as Waterfall-to-Agile transformation efforts. She has exceptional team-building and motivational skills within direct reporting and matrixed organizations. Jennifer is a leader with 20 years of experience across most aspects of the Software Delivery Life Cycle