2022 Data Analytics Summit

Coming  March 30, 2022

March 30, 2022








Welcome to the 2022 Data Analytics Summit held by Harrisburg University! More information including sponsorship, registration, and the call for proposals will be added late 2021. 

To submit inquiries related to the conference, please email ProfessionalEducation@HarrisburgU.Edu 


This (2021 Data Analytics Summit) is the second conference I’ve attended that was hosted by Harrisburg University, I know to expect a great event, knowledgeable speakers, and wonderful opportunities for networking every time! 

Well done! I had never been to Harrisburg University until about two months ago, but since then I have been to three different events there and they have all been excellent. Keep up the great work! HU is one of the region’s crown jewels!

My team was able to attend together. We will use the information and practices we learned at the summit to take forward in our decision making process related to business analytics. We now know more of the possible so we will challenge those we work with to strive to broaden our use of applicable technological/analytical innovations.

HU is committed to providing equal education opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. It is HU’s policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any HU program or activity, be denied the benefits of any HU program or activity, or otherwise be subject to discrimination regarding any HU program or activity. Should you potentially require an accommodation under the ADA to participate in this program, please email ProfessionalEd@HarrisburgU.edu. Please send your request for an accommodation at least 5 business days in advance of the event or program (s).