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About the Summit


2019 Cybersecurity Summit: Caring and Sharing to Safeguard Our Citizens

Cross-Collaboration Among Government & Education Makes Pennsylvania Safer & More Secure

Thursday, October 3 | 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Harrisburg University |326 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA


  1. Convene governments at all levels, as well as educational institutions, to collaborate on cyber challenges and opportunities to work together
  2. Identify resources (many free) that can help governments and educational organizations better assess, protect, and respond to cyber challenges


This annual summit typically attracts more than 300 people of varying positions in state and local government, education, non-profit, and private sectors. 



Purpose: To briefly educate attendees on the latest cyber threats and then discuss some recent cyber breaches (such as cities of Atlanta, Baltimore and Philadelphia Courts) and the significant impacts these breaches had on critical operations.

Format: The keynote is a 45-minute presentation, including Q&A, made to all attendees.  

Track 1: Tips for Creating an Effective Cyber Program for Your Organization (Basics for Small Organizations)

Track 2: Interactive Workshops: Prevent, Protect, and Respond

Track 3: Latest in Cyber Tools & Techniques

Track 4: Cyber Challenge (Technical Sessions Identifying Scenarios and Challenging Security Experts with Finding Solutions)

Purpose:  To share the basics of cyber security with attendees, especially those small organizations with little resources. 

Purpose: To facilitate representatives from government and education in a workshop setting to identify up to three (3) needs they have to improve their cyber program, but unable to provide because of lack of technical capability especially for small organizations or lack of resources. 

Preferably interaction in the audience will provide suggested sources to meet the needs.  If not, going forward there will be a separate effort to find solutions for the stated needs. 

Purpose: To educate cyber security professionals and others on the latest technologies and techniques being used successfully by organizations. Sessions also will provide a window into emerging technologies. 

Purpose: To challenge security professionals with various case studies of scenarios that require analysis and action. This is a great opportunity for attendees to test their organizations without the pressure of being embroiled in a real cyber event.

Session Topics:

Each session in this track will focus on one component of a cyber program:

  1. Prevent – What are some basic preventions all organizations should employ to help prevent cyber risks? Some examples may be user training, adoption of cyber policies and executive sponsorship and support.
  2. Defend – What cyber defenses should be in place by all individuals and organizations? Some examples may include keeping current with software updates, proper data management such as regular backups, and monitoring for suspicious activity.
  3. Respond– When a suspected breach occurs what should the organization do? Some examples may be validation a breach has occurred, communications during a stressful event and stabilizing/recovering systems and data.

Session Topics:

  1. Prevent
  2. Defend
  3. Respond

Session Topics:

  1. Latest Technologies Using AI
  2. Effective Techniques to Reduce Risks of Clicking on Malicious Links
  3. Emerging Technologies to Improve Cyber Security

Session Topics:

  1. Was it a Breach or Not?
  2. How to Recover from a Malware Attack?
  3. Cyber Attack Simulation and Its Impact on the Organization

Session Format:

Each of the three (3) sessions will be 45-minute presentations, inclusive of Q&A.

Session Format:

Unlike the other tracks, for these 45-minute workshops, the summit seeks facilitators for these discussions, instead of presenters.

Session Format:

Each 45-minute session will feature two presenters, each allotted 15 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A. All presentations should be technology or product agnostic.

Session Format:


  • Each of the three (3) sessions is 45 minutes.
  • Sessions 4A and 4B are interactive sessions where the presenter will provide the scenarios and facilitate discussion.
  • Session 4C is intended to be a facilitated simulation.

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