Track 3: WebGIS/JavaScript | Room: 1204 | Level: Intermediate ★★
Tech Requirements:
Examples will be in React, but prior experience is not necessary. Experience developing web-based applications would be useful. Optionally, attendees may use git and npm to run the app locally.
Bryan Grill, GIS Programmer, EBA Engineering, Inc. 



“Don’t roll your own authentication” is a common phrase in the developer community. Why? Well, there are numerous elements at play: client, server, database, password management, authentication scheme, etc. And the stakes are high; you are risking user credentials and their data. For these reasons, a common solution is to use a third-party authorization service or framework like OAuth 2. OAuth 2 enables applications to obtain access to user accounts on another service such as Facebook, Google, Github, or ArcGIS Online/Portal. In this session, attendees will learn the basics of OAuth 2. Using an example app, attendees will practice the steps for configuring an OAuth 2 application with ArcGIS Online. After signing into the app, we will also explore the ArcGIS REST API. All code/slides/examples will be available on Github.


Bryan Grill is a software developer at EBA Engineering, Inc. where he works across the entire software stack and helps develop solutions for clients on the frontend, backend, devops, and cloud. His primary focus is on developing custom web applications with JavaScript and React. Bryan was a GIS Analyst for 10 years before transitioning into a developer role.