Track 3: WebGIS/JavaScript | Room: 1204 | Level: Intermediate ★★
Tech Requirements: Links will be provided with documented code, so attendees are welcome to watch passively and try on their own afterwards. Attendees who wish to participate should bring a laptop with their preferred set of development tools installed. They should have Node.js installed along with the Angular CLI tools, as well as basic familiarity with how Angular applications function. They will need also need a Google account to be able to register with Firebase.
Justin Schneider, Application Developer, GeoDecisions



Sometimes you just want to get a map published with as little fuss as possible. Using Google Firebase as a cloud backend, attendees will set up and deploy an Angular app without needing a web server. The application will utilize Leaflet to display the map, which will be populated from a collection of GeoJSON data created using a custom administrative tool provided by the instructor.


Justin Schneider is an Application Developer at GeoDecisions, where he creates GIS applications for state and county government agencies. Although he primarily works with Angular and .NET, Justin is always experimenting with new and unfamiliar technologies. In his time away from the office, Justin can always be found in front of a screen, whether it’s tinkering with his hobby as a game developer or playing video games. He has two young children who he works tirelessly to shape in his own image, much to his wife’s disapproval.