Track 1: PYTHON | Room: 1151Level: Beginner ★
Tech Requirements:
Attendees that follow along will need an ArcGIS online account and an computer with internet connection. No Esri desktop software is required for the tasks being conducted.
Joel Rogers, GIS Manager, GeoDecisions



This discussion will introduce how to use the new Esri Python API to conduct a simple workflow for managing data on ArcGIS Online or portal. The discussion will briefly cover installation of the API, common syntax, and working with the API in Jupyter notebooks. Highlights of what kinds of tasks can be conducted with the API will be addressed briefly but will not be the focus of the talk. A simple feature service update script will be demonstrated in a Jupyter notebook. The end of the demonstration will be the discussion of how to automate Python API scripts using Task Scheduler to process routine geoprocessing tasks at given intervals.


Joel Rogers has a Master’s degree in GIS from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s degree in GIS from Shippensburg University. He is currently a GIS Manager at GeoDecisions. His experience prior to his current position includes 9 years in the Army as a logistician and planner.