Track 2: PYTHON | Room: 1114 | Level: Beginner ★
Tech Requirements: Python 3.7

Douglas B. Rumbaugh, Jr., Lecturer of Computer and Information Sciences, Harrisburg University

This talk will discuss the fundamental elements of the Python programming language, with a particular focus on topics of relevance to programming in the field of GIS. Topics will include: Python data types and functions, importing and using Python modules, working with data files in Python, and Python program control. No prior Python or programming experience is required.


Douglas Rumbaugh is a lecturer of Computer and Information Sciences at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, where he teaches courses in computer science and the physical sciences, including an introductory Python course. He has degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, and has done IT/Programming work in a variety of industries, including healthcare, hydrogeology, and data science/analytics.