Track 4: Other | Room: 1205 | Level: Beginner ★
Tech Requirements:
Students are expected to code during the workshop. To prevent the issues typically involved with software setup, the students can follow along on an online platform called RStudio Cloud. Students will need to have a free RStudio Cloud account. Alternatively, they can log in with their Google Credentials. If the students want to follow along on their own computers, then they will need to download R and should also download RStudio
Benjamin Ortiz Ulloa, Consultant, Accenture Federal Services



The R statistical programming language is a powerful tool for data manipulation, modeling, and visualization. The creation of maps often require all three of the mentioned tasks. Data stored in large raster images often need to be summarized according to the researcher’s interests. Missing data in a region can be imputed by modeling data from surrounding and similar regions. And finally, spatial data can be plotted directly on a map. This workshop will be split into 3 sections: 1. An introduction to R, it’s data structures, and the Tidyverse; 2. An introduction to simple features and common spatial operations; 3. An introduction to plotting simple features.


Benjamin Ortiz Ulloa is a data visualization engineer who works primarily with Free or Open Source Software (FOSS). His research interests lie in visualizing complex systems. More specifically, he focuses on social networks, transportation systems, and the opioid epidemic. He is active in Washington D.C.’s statistical programming and data visualization communities and regularly gives lectures on the R statistical programming language and the D3 JavaScript visualization library.