Track 2: PYTHON | Room: 1151 | Level: Intermediate ★★
Tech Requirements:
Alexander Brown, Solution Engineer, Esri



Facilitating the movement of data is crucial for organizations across the country. Whether in the government or private sectors, the skills to Extract Transform & Load (ETL) data are critical for maintaining production system workflows & viability. Esri provides two python frameworks for interfacing across a modern Web GIS. Arcpy is a Python site package that provides powerful geographic data analysis, conversion, management and automation. ArcGIS Python API is a powerful, modern, and easy to use Pythonic API for GIS professionals, developers, administrators, content publishers or anyone trying to accomplish ETL workflows within ArcGIS. The session will begin with introducing the Python API for Feature Service querying and data movement. However, the primary focus will be combining the ArcPy and Python API libraries for various ETL processes. From the presentation:


Alexander Brown a Solution Engineer at Esri, supporting customers with a variety of their technical needs. He holds a Master of GIS from Penn State University and has over 10 years of GIS experience. His expertise includes system architecture & design, python and server based web GIS solutions. Before joining Esri, Alex worked for the City of Philadelphia as a Geospatial Systems Engineer and NASA Wallops Flight Facility as a GIS Administrator/Developer.