Track 4: Other | Room: 1205 | Level: Beginner  ★
Tech Requirements: Computer, Power Point and a screen.
Rebecca Rakoski, Managing Partner, XPAN Law Group, LLC



In 2018, the privacy spotlight was on the European Union and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming effective. However,, the EU and GDPR are not the only privacy developments companies should be following in 2019. Domestically there are several initiatives that bear watching. This presentation will discuss the global and domestic impact of the GDPR, along with current and proposed data regulations on the collection, processing, and storage of data. Discussion will include a comparison of the requirements for security and privacy under the GDPR against domestic regulations. This session will also focus on the growing divergence on an international level in the way that countries and regions approach data privacy and protection, providing insight into global data management within increasingly contrasting international regulatory requirements.


Rebecca L. Rakoski the co-founder and managing partner at XPAN Law Group, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (“WBE”) and Women Owned Small Business (“WOSB”). XPAN is a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on cybersecurity and data privacy. Rebecca uniquely understands how technology intersects with her client’s legal obligations and liabilities. She has extensive experience in cybersecurity standards and guidelines such as HIPAA, NY DFS, FTC, NIST, ISO, for cybersecurity and data privacy. Rebecca also focuses on domestic data privacy and cross border data transfer issues.