Track 2: PYTHON | Room: 1151 | Level: Beginner ★
Tech Requirements:
Excel, Python 2.7, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro
Christopher Jursa, GIS Manager, Washington County, PA



While ArcGIS Desktop is consistently used for routine geoprocessing, other software libraries are regularly required to complete work flows. Tasks such as obtaining, integrating and formatting non-spatial data regularly rely on Excel spreadsheet access, file transfer protocol, unzip utilities and directory listing utilities. Routinely utilizing other software outside of ArcGIS Desktop for can be inconsistent, time consuming, error prone and rigid. The Python environment has capabilities and libraries to automate and unify disparate software. This hands-on instructional session will walk through designing and coding a work flow to process spatial data and also access spreadsheet data, download data via FTP, unzip files and list directory contents to integrate non-spatial data within a Python environment.


Christopher Jursa is the GIS Manager of Washington County, PA where he acts as a GIS system administrator, database administrator, web developer, analyst and educator. He has over 16 years of GIS experience in government, consulting and education including Python scripting and engineering user interfaces and software with JavaScript, HTML, Java, Classic ASP with VBScript, PHP and ASP.NET with C#. He has presented GIS at three recent conferences, as he is always seeking opportunities to share his experience.