Track 4: Other | Room: 1205 |  Level: Intermediate ★★
Tech Requirements: Text editor (atom), command line tool (ConEmu), codepen account, github account
Andy Rothwell, GIS Systems Engineer, City of Philadelphia



Property in City of Philadelphia is represented in city data with 2 different parcels datasets – one for a deed, and one for tax purposes. Often they are similar, but all addresses in Philadelphia are tracked with 2 different polygons. Over the years, different city departments created unrelated .NET apps for mapping the different parcel sets for different purposes. 2 years ago CityGeo set out to replace all outdated parcel mapping apps for with a single Leaflet-based app – Due to the complexity of having to display alternating polygons for each address searched, we wanted to make every detail of the map reactive to the app state. Atlas therefore runs off a custom library (phila-vue-mapping ) of vue components that work with Leaflet maps. This talk will walk through:

  1. how phila-vue-mapping works
  2. how to get started using phila-vue-mapping


Andy Rothwell is a GIS Systems Engineer in the CityGeo section of the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT).