Call For Proposals


OneHR 2024: Navigating the Evolving HR Landscape

The OneHR Conference provides professional development to human resources professionals from the public and private sectors. This event is a partnership with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Human Resources Professionals of Central Pennsylvania. This event averages 800 attendees from entry-level HR professionals to senior leaders.



ALL Tracks will be presented IN-PERSON at Harrisburg University, Harrisburg, PA


All sessions are 45 minutes in length, including all Q&A periods.


We are looking for sessions in the following tracks:


Do you offer a dynamic and captivating presentation? Do you engage with your audience and leave them with practical takeaways?  We’d love to hear from you!  We’re looking for a keynote presentation that sets the stage for the theme and tracks of this conference.  This year’s theme is: Navigating the Evolving HR Landscape.”  The tracks include: Personal & Professional Growth, HR Technology, Data & Analytics and Leadership & Career Development.

Track 1: Personal & Professional Growth

  • Working More Effectively – Microsoft Office tips & tricks/More effective emails/Being more effective in your daily work
  • Work-life balance – Mindfulness/dealing with stress/managing priorities
  • People Skills – Empathy/Conflict resolution/Public speaking/Networking/Active listening
  • Change Management – Effectively dealing, accepting and supporting change

Track 2: HR Technology Data & Analytics

  • Actionable data – what HR data managers should pay attention to and how to share with business leaders/Dashboards
  • Human Capital Trends – the latest in HR data trends and how to prepare for the future
  • HR Technology – what’s new in HR tech and how can it improve the employee experience
    • Predictive hiring tools
    • Chat Bots and virtual assistants
    • Generative AI
    • Employee experience platforms

Track 3: Leadership & Career Development

  • Leading vs. Managing – at every level
  • Current ‘Hot Topics’ in HR
  • Employment Law
  • DEI – Cultural awareness/Equity/Accessibility/Inclusivity
  • Career pathing and counseling
  • Adaptive leadership – leading in complex and changing environments
  • Project Management
  • The importance and relevance of mentoring/mentoring partnership


Wrap up the day with a presentation that ties in with our theme “Navigating the Evolving HR Landscape” The ideal endnote presentation will apply to personal and career development and will leave attendees with thought-provoking, inspiring, real-world takeaways that they can immediately apply to their everyday work.