Call for Proposals

Now Accepting Proposals: Due November 8

Below, please find important information about the conference and the call for proposals.

Date & Location

March 4, 2020 | 8:45 am – 3:45 pm

Harrisburg University of Science & Technology
326 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA

Conference Overview

We are pleased to announce that Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is once again partnering with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to present the 2020 One|HR: Continuing the Vision conference on Wednesday, March 4.

The inaugural conference, held in March 2019, attracted nearly 750 attendees. While most attendees (90%) were from the Commonwealth, 10% came from the private sector.


All sessions are 45 minutes, including a brief Q&A period at the end. 

Tracks & Sessions

We are looking for submissions for the following sessions, listed by track. 


  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Understanding the Business: Meeting the Customers’ Needs
  3. Transforming the Workplace: How can we encourage people to work smart, live happy? What can we all do, regardless of position (you don’t have to have a title to influence positive change)? What are the tangible results? Are there case studies of companies that have seen significant change based on new initiatives.

Track 1: Today’s Workplace Issues

  1. Diversity and Inclusion – What does this really mean? Diversity and inclusion are about civility, professionalism, and cultural awareness

Track 2: Technology & Tools

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Bots – Provide real-world applications, explain what they can do, assuage fears that they will take over jobs.
  2. Virtual Interviewing – Provide best practices, advantages, implementation, risks, rewards, etc. (interviewing 101)
  3. Virtual Reality: The Art of the Possible

Track 3: Recruit to Hire

  1. Best Practices in Recruitment – What should recruitment look like? What does it mean to source candidates, have a relationship with candidates? How do you develop pipelines and networks? Other topics include being proactive and explaining real-time recruiting.
  2. Positioning Yourself as an Employer of Choice – Put your best foot forward as an employer of choice. In a post-pension world, how do we sell working for the Commonwealth? What are the total rewards? How do we ensure consistent messaging?

Track 4: Data-Driven Decisions

  1. How to Use Data to Drive Recruitment
  2. Best Practices in Workforce Planning in the Public Sector
  3. Power Behind Data – How to use tools to analyze your HR data. What are the capabilities of PowerBI?
  4. HR Case Management – What they can do; how they can help us.

Track 5: Practical Applications

  1. How to Run an Effective Meeting

Track 6: Emotional Intelligence

  1. Using Emotional Intelligence in Your Work Life
  2. Communication 101 – How should we talk to each other? How do we develop positive working relations with colleagues and customers through effective communication?
  3. Living & Leading Through Change in a Positive Manner – How do you have relationships if you have 200 people reporting to you? You don’t have to be in a leadership position to influence change.

Track 7: Talent Management

  1. The Future of Talent Development in the Public Sector

Track 8: Employer Relations & Workforce Support

  1. Challenging Conversations: Finding the Right Words – How to coach your leadership and others on critical conversations, including giving constructive criticism.
  2. Customer Service & Tough Clients – Understanding the business; meeting customer needs; providing top-notch customer service while keeping your cool with tough clients.

How to Submit a Proposal

  1. Review the above track and session information.
  2. Complete the proposal submission form by November 8.
  3. Look for an email from by the end of November with the next steps, including scheduling calls between confirmed speakers and the planning team.