Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Project Management Innovation Conference 2022

Theme: Answering the Questions Not Yet Asked


Track 1

How Do I Create an Organization Capable of Anticipating, Pivoting, and Responding to Events?

In such an organization, the leaders, managers, and associates are aware, informed, and in synchronous harmony about the vision, mission, and goals. Leadership shares Data and analysis according to the needs of the organization. It is transparent, supporting a line of sight to the organization’s strategy, and the power to make informed decisions is shared. But how do we get here in real life?


Track 2

How Do I Create a Resilient Environment Able to Withstand Difficulty, Capitalize on Opportunity, and Operate Efficiently?

Trust allows for informed risks, adaptive flexibility, and creativity, eliminating repercussions, thus, enhancing fault tolerance and the credibility of leadership, managers, and associates. Yet, is such an environment really in conflict with efficiency?


Track 3

How Do I Create Transparency, Interdependency, and Institutional Knowledge to Maintain a Line of Site to Strategy?

Leaders know how to enable followers to create situational leaders. Yet, closed-loop leadership carries heavy demands for information, knowledge, and analytical support. In light of these demands, does transparency ever truly exist?


Track 4

Can I Imagine an Environment Where Creativity, Collaborative, Empathetic, Effective Followers Thrive?

Self-aware leaders engender trust and do not feel threatened by risk or shared leadership. They demonstrate humility, realizing they don’t have to have all the answers. They share knowledge, thus, enabling others to share, too. Can leaders live up to demands such as these?