Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

 Event Details

Date & Location:  June 15 -16, 2021 | 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.| Held Virtually

Conference Overview: The goal of the first annual Project Management Innovation Conference is to bring together the community of PM professionals and foster a stimulating dialogue about the exciting evolution of the discipline that is underway.  This evolution is spurred, at least in part, by the release of the newest edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).  The new PMBOK demonstrates the discipline’s shift from prescriptive methodologies towards an acknowledgment that Project Managers must be innovative leaders who can adapt discipline best-practice methodologies or create new methodologies to ensure the projects they lead ultimately add value to the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

    Format: All track sessions are 60 minutes,  including a brief Q&A period in the end. All keynote and plenary proposals are 45-minute sessions, including Q&A.


    Track & Sessions: We are looking for the following sessions, listed by track.

    Track One: Value-added Project Management.  To ensure the projects they lead add value to their organizations, Project Managers must immerse themselves in their operational and strategic environment.  Business acumen and thorough contextual understanding allow the project manager to innovate project solutions that contribute more significantly to the achievement of organizational objectives. How does a Project Manager develop business acumen and contextual awareness to ensure their projects add value to the organization? 

    Track Two: Innovative Approaches to Project Team LeadershipNo matter how good the project methodologies, plans, and processes are, project success ultimately depends on the effectiveness of the Project Team.  Highly effective project teams are primarily a product of highly effective Project Leaders. What constitutes highly effective leadership and how can a project manager develop that competency?

    Track Three: Tailor-made Project ManagementAs the PM discipline evolves, the reality that every project is undertaken within a unique organizational context compels project managers to develop the decision-making skills necessary to tailor legacy best practices to ensure maximum value of the project.  To make sound decisions regarding the most appropriate PM methodology to employ, project managers must understand the business, the people, and the organizational context and culture.  How does the project manager gather, analyze and synthesize this understanding to adapt their methodology or create new methodology to successfully accomplish the project?

    Track Four: Data Science & The Future of Project Management. Advances in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the information landscape across all industries.  Driven by a need to act with big-picture clarity, computational tools continue to reduce ambiguity and uncertainty in organizations.  At the same time, project management has evolved from a profession of procedures to a discipline of decisions, placing practitioners on a path to depend on a developing field of technologies in support of their already broad experience and finely honed intuition.  What impact does the growing number of data-heavy, high-context project decisions have on the future of the project manager role?  How can project, program, and portfolio managers adapt and thrive in a world of data-dependent decisions with far-reaching consequences for organizational success?   


    How to Submit a Proposal

    Step One: Review the above track and session information- The details are meant as a guide, they are not meant to be perspective session abstracts.

    Step Two: Complete a proposal submission form by February 26, 2021. Please complete one form for each potential session.

    Step Three:  Look for an email from Sarah McDanolds ( by the middle of March with the next steps, including scheduling calls between confirmed speakers and the planning team.