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HU/GTI/Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade Gen AI Day

This event is on March 19 from 8 am to 1 pm


Join us in person on March 19th, at Harrisburg University, where we will combine the Power of 3 to present advanced perspectives to explore how AI can help you innovate and develop your skillset.


Imagine your AI transformation 

Learn how to unleash the power of AI, understand how to be ethical with AI, understand the role of security in AI and see some of the latest AI demonstrations featuring some of the newest AI technology, platforms, and impacts.


Connect with thought leaders 

Meet with influencers and industry peers to exchange insights and ideas on how to tackle the biggest challenges and create new opportunities in the AI era.


Discover the latest customer innovations 

All sessions will be interactive, and some will even have breakout sessions, all designed to inspire a deeper understanding of the newest AI innovations. 

Discover how our team,and our partners are helping customers like you on their AI transformation journey. 


Register now and get ready to lead and accelerate opportunities in the AI era. 



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