Sponsorship Information

Please contact Britani Peterson at associatedirector@pagreencolleges.org to submit a sponsorship inquiry. 

The Environmental Justice in Pennsylvania event will only happen with the assistance of sponsors. Sponsorship will help provide: 

  • Event organization and planning services 
  • Virtual meeting services as audio-visual services 
  • Grant for EJ Hubs post-events 
  • Keynote speaker(s) honorarium 

Sponsorship Levels: Sponsorship can be financial, in-kind, or a combination. 

EJ in PA Sponsorship 







$500 or Less  

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Logo Added to Event Materials 

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Option to Provide Materials to Attendees 

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Name Included on Final Brochure  

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Contact us about custom and in-kind sponsorship ideas, Graphic design, meeting facilitation, and other service ideas are welcome as an in-kind contribution to this historic event. 

Become a Sponsor: Please contact Britani Peterson at associatedirector@pagreencolleges.org to discuss your thoughts on sponsorship. If there are additional thoughts or services you can provide outside of those suggested, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to contribute financially, please send a check to the EJ in PA fiduciary agent made payable “Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium” to: 

           Pennsylvania Environment Resource Consortium 

           125 N.26th Street 

            Camp Hill, PA 17011 

Please note that sponsoring the event is separate from sponsoring Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium. If you are interested in sponsoring PERC, please see more information on the website found here.