One|HR: Defining Our Future. The Rise of HR as Thought Leaders and Culture Shifters

Call for Proposals: Due February 26, 2021

About the Event- Held Virtually

The One|HR Conference’s theme of “Defining Our Future: The rise of HR as Thought Leaders and Culture Shifters” reflects the innovative and engaging tone that this event will have for participants. Sessions on reimagining the workplace of the future as well as today’s’ workforce issues will allow HR professionals from around the Commonwealth to critically examine their roles and responsibilities.  


    Sessions are 45 minutes in length, including all Q&A periods. Keynote and endnote sessions are 1 hour in length. 


    Track & Sessions

    We are looking for the following sessions, listed by track.


    Track One: Reimagining the Workplace of the Future

    • Workplace of the Future – Session attendees will reimagine outcomes within the reality of a changing organization, workforce, and how work is done and consider how HR drives strategy with the business.  
    • Changing Role of HR – Session attendees will acquire a better understanding of what could be the future direction of HR and what are the corresponding skills needed by HR staff. 
    • The Human/Employee Experience and Why It Matters – Session attendees will acquire a better understanding of what is meant by employee experience, why it matters for HR, and how does HR at all levels start making that transition. 
    • Organizational Culture: The HR Connection – This session will impart an understanding of what organization culture is, why it is important, and how HR can help support an organization’s effort to influence culture. 

      Track Two: Today’s Workforce Issues

    • Diversity Balance in the Workforce – Session attendees will explore pragmatic strategies to balancing diversity in the workforce such as advancing underrepresented talent, confronting marginalizing behaviors, diversifying the leadership bench, and engaging an aging workforce.  
    • Intentional Communications in a Telework World – Session attendees inspect methods, tools, and preferences for building intentional communications in telework to strengthen connection and engagement.  
    • Recognizing and Managing Stress – Session attendees learn to identify signs of stress, burnout, and the importance of disconnecting in the physical and remote workplace along with techniques for stress management, mindfulness, and prevention.  
    • Upskilling for the New Normal – From identification to implementation, session attendees evaluate upskilling in order to tackle changing business processes, measuring productivity, and new technology.  


    Track Three: Technology & Data-Driven Decisions

    • Telling A Data Story – Session attendees will learn how to use data to paint a picture of what it means, how to interpret it, and how it can be used. 
    • Keeping the Human Touch while Utilizing HR Systems and Technology: Session attendees will understand the importance of maintaining a sense of personalization and keeping the “human” in HR in a data-driven environment. 
    • Shifting of Service – Session attendees will explore the shifting ways of how service is provided; providing the same level of customer service through systems like ticketing; dealing with a shrinking workforce with increased duties. 
    • Future State of Time and Attendance Systems –  Session attendees will explore what is possible in today’s environments to leverage systems that are more flexible/intuitive, that provide better methods for collection and data analysis, and that help deploy resources in a more effective and timely manner. 

       Track Four: Practical Applications (Reserved for Commonwealth-Presented Sessions)

      • Employment First law 
      • Employee Relations in a Pandemic Environment – From investigating misconduct to engaging in contract negotiations, session attendees will explore the methods, experiences and best practices for effectively conducting Employee Relations in a remote environment. 
      • Communicating Up – How to be heard.
      • Best Practices for Telework or Managing Teleworkers 
      • Importance of COOP Planning – HR’s role in COOP planning.


      How to Submit a Proposal

      1. Review the above track and session information- The details are meant as a guide, they are not meant to be perspective session abstracts.
      2. Complete a proposal submission form by February 26, 2021. Please complete one form for each potential session.
      3. Look for an email from Sarah McDanolds ( in the middle of  March with the next steps, including scheduling calls between confirmed speakers and the planning team.